January 29 :: 2004
Hunter Resources offers Employee Leasing to its clients. Clients can now offer their employees cost effective health and retirement benefits. Hunter Resources handles their payroll, payroll taxes and employee benefits, freeing up the clients to run their businesses.
January 19 :: 2004
Hunter Resources is an authorized reseller of the Intuit line of products, including, Quick Books, Quicken and Turbo Tax. QuickBooks, Quicken & TurboTax Hunter Resources provides installation, training and support for the entire loine of Quick Books products.

Accounting, Tax and Legal Services Hunter Resources provides small businesses with "big company" resources. By pooling the resources of many small businesses, Hunter Resources has access to premium services at affordable and flexible pricing.
Employee Leasing Hunter Resources provides "big company" employee benefit programs to small businesses. Even if you only have 2 - 20 employees, we can provide affordable group helath plans, disability plans, 401k plans, and many other programs.
1. Innovative Services including Employee Leasing, Human Resources Services, Payroll, Payroll Taxes, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Information Technology and Legal Services.
2. Quality Products including Accounting Software, Office Supplies, Media Materials, Business Cards, Brochures, forms and contract templates.
3. Affordable Prices Pooling small businesses affords us "Big Company" discounts.
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